Friday, April 2, 2010

The Tea Party Movement

It's funny how the politics of fear can produce such varied responses. Some people are consumed by the fear-mongering politicians and resort to making and displaying the most ignorant and vile protest signs. On the other side of the political spectrum, this seemingly irrational behavior is often combated with humor and sarcasm. The superlative and inflammatory language used in today's political climate is, in my opinion, used solely for self-preservation. It is easier for elected officials to scare the huddled masses into voting for them rather than trying to communicate honestly with their constituents. The result of this is that prominent elected officials use words like "Armageddon" and "socialist." According to the likes of Glenn Beck, we are heading down a path that will strip us of all our freedoms, destroy the country we love and turn us into a nouveau-Wiemar state. No mention of the warrant-less wiretaps or torture practices of the previous administration. Those acts were perpetrated to preserve and protect our precious freedom, as long as your skin wasn't brown. WE CAN STILL BE A CAPITALIST COUNTRY WITH UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. It is a moral issue. Should health care corporations be allowed to make money off of sick people by NOT paying claims and simply acting as a middle man? The right always says: "Do you really trust your government to handle your health care?" My answer is: "Not so much." But I trust for-profit corporations A LOT less. After all, they make more money by NOT paying claims, and the primary objective of an corporation is to make money, which is NOT a problem. I just don't think that we should live in a country where someone can have their life ruined simply because they got sick or hurt. Aren't there some limits to capitalism? Aren't there some things that are simply wrong to make a profit on? We do have laws against things like selling drugs, committing fraud, stealing, etc. I think health care should be considered in that same category. For those of you on the right who will never trust your government to handle health care, think about this: police officers, fire fighters, EMT's and many other essential services are provided through government. Do you think we should privatize all these things? Should we have a handful of large corporations in charge of keeping our streets safe or answering our emergency calls? I would like to think that you would not. All in all, please don't let the Becks, Limbaughs, Olbermans, Maddows, Drudges, Stewarts, Colberts, etc. determine what your opinions and views are. Take the time and effort to look at FACTS objectively rather than giving in to incendiary rhetoric spouted by blow-hards who are simply in it for the ratings. Also, don't blindly follow elected leaders' fear-inducing propaganda. Most of those politicians are simply trying to win the next election and keep their job. Always be objective and make up your own mind. Check out this little video I put together of some protest signs. Pay attention to the hate, ignorance, humor and misspellings. I think they are fairly interesting. Enjoy!

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